1. I designed this. Pick one up on Friday

  2. thestorysofarca:

    WOW! this picture is so old! 2008? 

    Miss playing Walnut Creek house shows. 

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  3. jesusernestomartinez:

    I was in Seattle yesterday with lordjared and friend. 

  4. jesusernestomartinez:

    Jared Mark Hoeniges aka lordjared in Seattle yesterday. 

    More photos here

  5. For Sale
    The Story So Far - What You Don’t See
    First pressing - /500

    Email jhoeniges@gmail.com

  6. Tigers Jaw/Balance & Composure split // 2nd pressing //Out of 300 - $25

    Transit - Listen and Forgive - 1st pressing - Out of 700 - $15 

    Fireworks - Gospel - 1st pressing - Out of 300 - $40

    Seahaven- Ghost - Tour Press - 11/100 - $30

    Shipping = $6 per item

    Message me on here if interested in buying! 

  7. jesusernestomartinez:

    The Final Show at Quesadilla Factory. I kept it a secret for so long. It’s gonna be a good ending to almost 5 years of doing shows there. 

    Click photo for Event Page/Ticket info

  8. Woah I’ve been to this exact spot

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  9. hannaoliviaway:


    I need to go back to Mammoth - @alexrapada soaking up the last of winter. 

    literally a dream

    Woah I’ve been in this exact hot spring.

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  10. sazclose:

    Last day of eighteen. New video at six

    love of my life